Aqara Motion-Activated Night Light

The Aqara Motion-Activated Night Light is a small, wireless LED light that turns on automatically when it detects motion. It is designed to provide a soft, warm glow that is easy on the eyes and perfect for use in bedrooms, hallways, and other areas where you need a little extra light at night.


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Brand: Aqara
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The Aqara Motion-Activated Night Light is a smart and energy-efficient lighting solution that automatically turns on when it detects motion in the dark. It features a built-in motion sensor that can detect movement up to 3 meters away, and a light sensor that ensures it only turns on when it’s dark enough to need it.

The night light is designed to be easy to install and use, with a simple magnetic mount that allows you to attach it to any metal surface without the need for screws or other hardware. It’s also wireless and battery-powered, so you can place it anywhere you need it without worrying about cords or outlets.

The Aqara Motion-Activated Night Light is also smart, with the ability to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and be controlled using the Aqara Home app. This allows you to adjust the brightness and sensitivity of the light, set schedules for when it should turn on and off, and even receive notifications when it detects motion.

Overall, the Aqara Motion-Activated Night Light is a versatile and convenient lighting solution that’s perfect for use in hallways, staircases, bedrooms, and other areas where you need a little extra light at night.

Aqara Motion-Activated Night Light – Smart Sensor | Brightness Adjustment | Light Magnetic

Product Details :

Product name: Aqara Motion-Activated Night Light
Product weight: 150g
Product model: GYXYD11LM
Power supply mode: 2 AA batteries
Rated power: 0.06w
What’s In The Box: Induction night lightx1 rubber-backed steel sheetx2 instruction manualx1
Product size: 175×35.2×24.2
Life time: 8 months
Working temperature: 0–95-RH non-condensing
Product gross weight: 150g

What’s In The Box:
Induction night light x1
Rubber-backed steel sheet x2
Instruction manual x1

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm






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