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Cowarobot Robotic Smart Suitcase R1 20″



Auto Follow

Lost Alarm

Auto and Manual Modes

CO-Smart Intelligent Lock

Cabin Size

Original Malaysia 1 Year Warranty

Packing List

  • Cowarobot Robotic Smart Suitcase R1 20″  x 1
  • Charger x 1
  • Power Bank x 1
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Product Info

Product details of Cowarobot Robotic Smart Suitcase R1 20″ – Auto Follow | Lost Alarm | Auto and Manual Modes | CO-Smart Intelligent Lock | Cabin Size [ Aihome ]

A suitcase that follows you wherever you go, if you have no hand free for pulling it? The robot suitcase COWAROBOT brings maximum travel comfort.

First things first: an you bring the smart suitcase COWAROBOT R1 on aboard the plane?

With the dimensions of 38 x 21 x 55 cm the robot suitcase meets the hand luggage requirements of many flights (depending on the airline). The battery can be removed and brought aboard the plane.

Artificial intelligence for recognizing the owner

The COWAROBOT is equipped with artificial intelligence. Therefore, it analyses the body shape and motion sequences of the owner with an integrated laser. The suitcase recognises the owner reliably and follows them purposefully.

Additional functions in a smartphone-app

A smartphone-app offers many additional functions, like e.g. giving an alarm if the smart suitcase COWAROBOT R1 moves away more than three meters. Also, locking and unlocking the combination lock can be operated in the app. The app is available  free of charge for iOS and Android.

Easy to use despite the latest technology

The robot suitcase is equipped with the latest technology and a lot of smart features. Nevertheless, it is very easy to use just like you would expect it from a suitcase. Additionally, the suitcase convinces with its steady design and it is almost as lightweight as a normal hard protective case. The material of the COWAROBOT R1 is waterproof, robust and environmental friendly.

A suitcase that follows you

Fully automatically, the smart suitcase follows its owner everywhere they go. It adapts its driving according to the floor conditions. The robot suitcase is able to drive on the following floor types effortlessly: cement road, carpet, marble pavement, blind track and airport conveyors.

Recognition of obstacles

The driving suitcase is able to recognise obstacles in its environment. Reliably, it drives around them without losing sight of its owner. The COWAROBOT also recognises drops and doesn’t fall down stairs

Secure from unauthorised use

To protect your belongings, the smart suitcase is equipped with an intelligent lock. It is an electronical combination lock that can only be opened with the combination or in the smartphone-app. Additionally, LED-lights show if the suitcase is locked or not.

Note: Thanks to the TSA-lock, the airport staff is able to open the suitcase with their master key.

Usable in auto and manual mode

The COWAROBOT R1 follows its owner fully automatically. Furthermore, the COWAROBOT can be pulled, pushed and lifted manually, just like any ordinary suitcase. With one single handle the suitcase switches from auto mode to manual mode.

Removable battery can be used as Power Bank

The robot suitcase COWAROBOT is equipped with a powerful battery (6,400 mAh). The battery offers a reach of up to 20 km. Furthermore, it can be removed and used as a power bank to charge other electronical devices (e.g. smartphones).

The battery occupies only 6% of the interior space. There is more than enough space left for your clothes and other belongings.




weight: 5.5KG
volume: 32L
size: 38*21*55 cm
luggage hardness: hard
lock type: the TSA combination lock
rod: 1 rod
lock type : the TSA combination lock
roller style: universal wheel deserve
material of the suitcase: PC plastics
material of the interior: fabric
color: pure color(black)
condition: new
closing method: locking buckle
internal structure: cracked pocket
style: business style
battery capacity: 14.4V/6400mAH
battery weight: 500g
battery power: 92Wh
charging time: about 4 hours and 20 minutes
battery life: 5 hours or less 20km
stand-by time: 1-2 days



Additional Information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions40 × 25 × 60 cm

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