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Deerma Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner



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Product Info

Electric soft fur brush BMS inner cyclone filter Battery management

Don’t load young
Young lucky person to get to know a clean life

Young is to master and try, choose it with excellent cost performance and bring another opportunity to cleanse life. Joker style, Universal lamp, make vacuuming leisurely time among busy people, take care of your room and take care of yourself.

1 kg host will not tire of lifting
A simple way of evacuation

Life should be crushed and cleaned to reduce the load. For you, to reduce the volume and weight of the motor, battery, and packaging structure collected in <1 kg of vacuum cleaner, girls with low strength can also raise the ceiling to clear all the way, saving effort and effort.

Modular assembly 3 large brush heads
Take care of every dusty area in the house The

modular design of the entire machine can be easily combined as needed. To solve difficult home conditions, it is equipped with three multifunctional brush heads, including an electric brush with soft bristles for the floor, a one-on-one brush and a small corner brush. Angle.

Electric Soft fur brush
Clean floor tiles / Floors / carpets all in one, no replacement required.
2 in 1 crevice nozzle · flat suction The flat suction

mode penetrates the cracks and empties the accumulated dust.
2 in 1 crevice nozzle · brush

One touch switches the brush mode to clear each gap.
Angle small hair brush

60 ° flexible rotation, suitable for the corners of the wall cabinet and other brushes.

Carrying to the end
Converted to a manual clean car
 Transforming into a portable manual car
, you can clean the seat of dust, dust from the carpet, random scattered leftovers of snacks for your car, keep the car clean and comfortable.

Release from the hands in the middle.
It can stand upright.

A new design with a low center of gravity is combined with the position of the card napkin. The whole car can be parked in an upright position anytime, anywhere, so you can let go of your hands while vacuuming, and organize your dirty desktop and other houses, meanwhile. Just take it away, it will be stable and not reset, convenient storage.

3000 rpm. Electric soft fur brush for the floor.
Soft immersion in the dust cleaning slot. The

electric brush for the floor with soft bristles is controlled by an autonomous motor, which is used for 3000 deep brushes per minute. This is not possible for manual cleaning. The bristles are slender and flexible, and it is not easy to scratch the floor carpet, which is good for care.

Independent antilock motor
3000 rpm surging power
Anti-twist comb
Easy clean human hair
Thin and soft toothbrush bristles
Diameter 0.03 mm, thinner than hair

180 ° anti-hair comb teeth
Breathing hair The

suction mouth is equipped with a 180 ° comb structure. During suction, the hair on the roller brush is combed during suction, so that the hair and hair of pets are not tangled by the brush. After cleaning, you don’t need more time to clean it twice.

Inner Cyclone Condensate Filtration
Separation of dust particles for fresh exhaust gases

A new method for filtering the inner cyclone has been developed. Large centrifugal force separates dust and air from dust. Dust and dust are blocked in the cup and the air is again filtered by HEPA before being discharged.

HEPA filter
Cleans and filters nano-dust
Exhaust without dust

Surrounding the micro-hole
Cyclone tower Cyclone to separate from dust Dust

Cabin dust filter with internal rotation
0.6L high capacity
Lock each dust.

Intelligent Battery Management
Continuous cleaning of 120 m2 of space.

Intelligent real-time monitoring of each lithium battery’s operating status to keep battery wear rates to a low level and ensure that the battery is always new. It provides 30 minutes of battery life on a single charge, cleans the living room, bedroom, study, etc., and makes it the choice of a vacuum cleaner for large blocks and two-level apartments.
30 min
Long battery life
Control system battery

Multidimensional noise-absorbing cotton noise filter.
Only soft sound remains in the ear.

Tolerance of everyone to vacuum noise is different. In order to care for the ears, Delmar introduces a 19.5 mm thick multidimensional cotton muffler, 360 wrapped motors, and the microporous structure absorbs and filters sharp high-frequency sounds, making the sound of a vacuum cleaner, it becomes soft and not hard, and the child does not depend on the game .

Product accessories
Grip assembly
Brush for floor assembly (including soft fur roller brush)
Two-in-one suction gap
Small angle brush

It has a built-in lithium-ion battery with strong endurance and long life.
Two design modes:
– You can replace the brush head as needed.
Practical filtration method:
– It can satisfy the need for cleaning large areas, convenient for daily use.
Various applications:
Nominal voltage: 14.4 V
Battery capacity: 2200 mAh Holding
time: 30 minutes (standard mode), 18 minutes (strong suction mode)
Suction: 5.5 kPa or more (strong suction mode)
-When using, store hair, clothing, fingers and all parts of the body away from suction and moving parts, to avoid suction or tangling.



Additional Information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions115 × 25 × 18 cm


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