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HappyLife Air Aromatherapy Diffuser Pro



Original Malaysia Warranty 1 Year


Product Info

Product Detail of HAPPYLIFE Air Aromatherapy Diffuser Pro HL-EOD02 | Fragrant Atmosphere | Wireless Humidifying | Silver Ion Antibacterial | Life Companion [ AiHome ]

Brand: HL

Product name: HL Aromatherapy Machine [Pro

Execution standard: GB4706.1-2005GB4706.48-2009

Product material: ABS+PP plastic

Color: White

Weight: 0.57 Kg

Product specification: 180*128*114mm

Water tank capacity: 360ml

Use power supply: 5 v ≌ 2 a

Input interface: Type-C Work/rate: ≤10W

Battery capacity: 2500mAh * 2 Lighting:

Colorful lights Functions: Aromatherapy, humidification, night light

Detailed introduction

Give the space a comfortable definition Fragrant atmosphere │Wireless humidifying Silver ion antibacterial │Life companion

Feel free

Get rid of the power cord

​The product has a built-in 5000mAh battery, which can be used continuously for 3 hours under full power. It can be placed in different scenes at home to experience

the happiness without positioning


Micro – motion stilt button

It can be easily found by touch only. The super-wide xiaoxiao board buttons and the undulate cambrio design make it easy to identify the function position of atomization and light through the touch of fingertips, and the function can be started by easy press.5

Nanometer ultrafine water spray diffusion does not damage the natural components of essential oil By TDK 3.0 MHz atomization piece of material production, high frequency mechanical vibration energy by ultrasonic atomization piece, and divided the waters which were under the water particles become 10 um, through the fan wind inside the water tank cavity to generate negative pressure, the exquisite atomized moisture diffusion in the air, do not damage oil natural ingredients, so as to achieve good fragrance atomization effect.

Daily skincare little partner experience delicate life Delicate diffusion of atomized water molecules, like kissing every inch of your skin, replenish moisture for dry skin, balance the humidity of indoor environment, enjoy the good time now.

Silver ion antibacterial material aromatherapy humidification is healthier The product water tank is made of material containing silver ions, which can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria.

The air is sweet with it

Join yue life fragrant essential oil, sweet atmosphere is full of whole environment, alleviate fatigue, let aroma yue travel, it is a wisp of before sleeping protect.

Humanized intelligent protection

360m capacity water tank, lasting for 10 hours. Built-in automatic detection chip, the top of the product red light strobe prompt in case of water shortage, intimate intelligent automatic power cut off, feel at ease with use, feel at ease.

Simple design style comfortable pleasing to the eye Small and lovely products can be integrated with the modern overall home environment, bringing more convenience and warmth to life.

Intimate details

A hidden fogger Micro buttons Power indicator Antiskid silicone pad

Product specification

Additional Information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 cm



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