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Lofans Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine




Product Info

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Youth Version

Mother nature bring glory back

Small size and large capacity | Nondestructive Wash | 360 ° comprehensive cleaning

> Small size and large capacity | | | Nondestructive Cleaning | 360 degrees Cleaning
> High Frequency, clean and visible, 304 stainless steel sink, Mixed Cleaning
> Ltrasonic and vacuum treatment affect grease, bacteria, dust, etc., hidden in the gaps of jewelry, glasses, watches, etc. .
> You can clean most daily small items;
> Vacuum processing and cleaning without damaging objects
> Quickly clean gears and deep gears to clean various objects separately
> Suitable for home, office, business trip, travel, etc.

Ultrasonic cavitation effect

More than superficial cleaning

Jewelry, glasses, watches stains, daily cleaning cannot start, dust may be allergic to the skin for a long time

And other hidden dangers. Using ultrasonic and vacuum blasting, high frequency vibration makes liquid

Molecules produce a “cavitation effect”, deeply clean the blind area, make the surface of the object shock and

It is cleaned and provides an effective cleaning effect.

Daily clean list

* Note: ultrasonic is not suitable for cleaning pearls and tortoise jewelry with low hardness, watches with

Poor water resistance, weld metal, electroplated metal and metal glue, etc., which are easy to be

Damaged during cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning

Deep selling won’t hurt

Frequency up to 47 kHz, and the sound wave is collected in the middle part, which is clean in one step. High

Vibration frequency, shake the surface of the dirt, and the dirt in the glasses and nose bridge will pop out

Instant to remove dirt without damaging items

360 ° cleaning

No more dirt

Dirt is hidden deep in the crevice, which cannot be completely cleaned with a simple wash. High frequency water treatment

Molecules, a strong and accurate effect on the dirt, clean the zero blind area, and there is no way out of the dirt.

Two-tooth cleaning mode

Items must also be kept secret.

Quick files: pen, dishes, dummy, knife, toothbrush, comb, razor blade, can opener, metal watch belt, etc.

Depth level: glasses, jewelry, suspenders, dentures, whistles, nail clippers, makeup tools, etc.

Warm rectangle small to large

Large items can also be completely immersed in water.

Get rid of the fixed volume limit and realize a large effective washing capacity. 360 ° comprehensive cleaning, 2

Pairs of glasses can be set at the same time to achieve greater cleaning of large objects.

Visibility is Faith

Cleaning Status

Choose a high-quality PC, independent and visual top cover, monitor the real-time cleaning status to

The subject can re-display the lamp.

Attributed to Jane

Protect your elegance

Integrated minimalist style, both to the touch and to the beauty, the home display complements each other. Weight only

A bottle of mineral water, small in size, without exercise, easy to carry, no load, wherever you go, is a highlight.

Depreciation and noise reduction

Quiet and calm

It provides strong power, reduces noise, feels more comfortable, is easy to clean and is not disturbed.

Separate power adapter

Safe use of electricity

Water and electricity separation design, external adapter, silica gel power line protection, safe and reliable.

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Additional Information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions33 × 12 × 15 cm




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