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Lydsto 2 in 1 Air Pump Vacuum Cleaner



Tire Pressure Detection

2 Level Of Vacuuming

Large Capacity Battery

Original 1 Year Malaysia Warranty

What’s in the box

-1x Vacuum Inflatable Pump
-1x Vacuum Nozzle
-1x Trachea
-1x Data Line
-1x Plastic Gas Nozzle
-1x Ball Needle
-1x French Nozzle Switch

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Product Info

Lydsto 2 in 1 Air Pump Vacuum Cleaner | Tire Pressure Detection | 2 Level Of Vacuuming | Large Capacity Battery

Product Detail

Product model: HD-SCXCCQ01
Product weight: 500g
Size: 315 (height) * 55 (diameter)
Rated voltage: 5V=
Rated current: 2A
Executive standard: Q / YM j02001-2020


1. One-key switch of dual-mode, vacuum cleaner, and air pump can be done in one machine.

2. Cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner, high battery life longer, 2 2500mah large capacity lithium batteries, wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner can be realized without power cord

3. Double filtration system can effectively filter fine dust and prevent secondary pollution.

4. Two vacuum modes: low end and high end. The low-end white light is always on, which can be used for about 30 minutes, meeting the basic cleaning requirements; the high-end blue light is always on, which can be used for about 15 minutes, with stronger suction and cleaning power.

5. When the tire pressure is insufficient, the expected pressure value can be preset, the inflation can be started, the preset value can be reached after the set air pressure, and the inflation can be stopped automatically, making the inflation more intelligent.

6.150PSIhigh-pressure rapid inflation, excellent air duct design, continuous pumping without heating.

7. The unique cylinder design realizes the super high-pressure flow of 10L / min, the maximum inflation pressure reaches 150psi, and the full charge can fill 2 car tires continuously.

8.IntelligentLED screen display, touch button to start and stop. High-brightness LED air pressure display, three air pressure units of KPa/ PSI/ Bar cyclically switch, smart touch design, easy control of the air pump on and off.




Additional Information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions31 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm


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