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Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 22L


Large Dehumidification Capacity

Five-Stage Noise Reduction Design

Versatile Home Style

Original 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


Product Info

Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 22L

[Product Description]

1) The device will be tested before leaving the factory. If there is little water or water stains left in the machine, it is normal.

2) Before the first use, please let the machine stand for 12 hours, wait for the refrigerant to return to the original place, and then turn on the power to use.

3) After the device is turned off, it will dry for 40 minutes by default. You can connect the Mi home app to turn off this function.

4) If the product is accidentally dumped, it will automatically power off. After righting, please set it upright for a period of time before turning it on.

5) When using the drain pipe, the product will not be able to stop automatically, please make sure the drain is smooth


Product name: Mijia Intelligent Dehumidifier 22L

Product model: CSJ0122DM

Product size: 300x660mm

Power supply: 220V~50Hz

Rated input power: 255W

Rated input current: 1.2A

Maximum input power: 450W

Maximum input current: 2.05A

Noise: ≤41dB(A)

Water tank volume: 4.5L

Product net weight: 12.5Kg

High temperature dehumidification capacity: 22L/D (30℃/80%RH)

Rated dehumidification capacity: 0.45kg/h (27℃/60%RH)

Refrigerant specification: R134a/0.2kg

Use environment temperature: 5℃~35℃


Package Contents:

1x Device (included water tank, power cord), 1x User Manual, 1x drain hose

Additional Information

Weight14.00 kg
Dimensions35.00 × 35.00 × 65.00 cm






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