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Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 2


Super Fast Cook in 28 Minutes

Exquisite and Simple

IoT Interconnected Massive Recipes

Original 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


– Item Model Number: Mfb05M

– Rated Volume: 1.5L

– Rated Power: 350W

– Heating Method: Electric Heating Plate Heating

– Inner Pot Material: Alloy

– Rated Voltage: 220V~

– Rated Frequency: 50Hz

– Energy Efficiency Level: Level 3

– Product Size: 196(W)×221(L)×181(H)Mm


Package List

1 x Rice cooker

1 x Power cords

1 x Rice spoon

1 x Inner bladder

1 x Instructions

1 x Measuring cup


Product Info

Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 2 | Super Fast Cook in 28 Minutes | Exquisite and Simple | IoT Interconnected Massive Recipes

[Product Description]

Smart Fast Meals, Small Rice Cookers Can Also Be Delicious


Main Features

1. 28 Minute Super Fast Meal

2. Exquisite Capacity

3. Touch Glass Panel

4. Smart Cooking

5. Occupies Only B5 Paper* Size

6. Non-Stick Liner

7. 24 Hours Appointment

8. All-Weather Insulation

9. Lot Interconnected Massive Recipes

* B5 size: 176mm × 250mm




Product Information

— One-Click Quick Cooking 28 Minutes

— Full Of Aroma Save Time And Save Hunger

*The data comes from the Pure Rice Technology Laboratory. Actual use may vary due to different environments and ingredients.


— Compact Body, Unlimited Space

Smaller in size, easy to store, space-saving, convenient to move.


— Superior Touch Panel

— Humanized Interaction Convenient Operation

The ultra-white glass panel is easy to clean and scratch resistant, and the top control is more worry-free.


— App Intelligent Linkage

— Making Delicious Food Easier

One-click connection to cloud recipes, you can choose from a large number of nutritious recipes for remote cooking.


— Multi-Meter Intelligent Cooking

— The Taste Can Be Adjusted As You Like

3000+ rice cooking curves, from soft and delicious to firm, make a good bowl of rice for you.


— Non-Stick Liner

— Easy To Clean

Water-based coating liner, the rice is not sticky and porridge is not sticky, and just clean with water.


— Dual Temperature Probes

— Worry-Free Cooking Without Supervision

Automatically adjust the firepower to avoid overflowing the pot.


— 24-Hour Smart Appointment

— All-Weather Long-Lasting Heat Preservation

Breakfast with hot porridge 07:30

Warm soup after get off work 18:00




Intimate Details

1. One-Touch Lid Opening

2. Keep away from high temperature steam areas

3. Removable Inner Cover

4. Just clean with water

5. Detachable Bubble Breaker

6. Clean the rice cooker more thoroughly


Mijia APP Networking Guidelines

①App Download

Search for “Mijia” in the app market, download and install the APP.

②Reset Wi-Fi

Click “+” – “Add Device” – “” at the top right of the Mijia APP, you can search for the product name to get the corresponding networking method.

③Connect The Device

Click the “+” in the upper right corner of the Mijia APP and wait for the APP to search for the rice cooker. According to the page prompts, connect to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and wait for the connection to succeed.

*Tip: Due to the upgrade and update of the Mijia APP, the actual operation may be slightly different from the above description, please follow the instructions in the current Mijia APP.


Additional Information

Weight4.00 kg
Dimensions7.00 × 7.00 × 23.00 cm






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