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Onemoon Air Fryer OA2



Dual Knob Control

Can Fry And Bake

4.5L Large Capacity

Original 1 Month Malaysia Warranty

What’s in the box
-1x onemoon Air Fryer


Product Info

Onemoon Air Fryer OA2 | Dual Knob Control | Can Fry And Bake | 4.5L Large Capacity

*This is a Display Demo set ,White color (1 Month Warranty)
*Kindly PM us to get a product photo to check the condition

Product Detail

Healthy life choices… You fryer 2 xiaomi ‘s high-cholestrol fryer is the solution to you.

Onemoon oa2.

The principle of frying is similar to ovens, using high-speed hot air circulation to use food fat to fry cooked foods.

Healthier than traditional frying and tastes good compared to the large volume of the oven, it saves more space, suitable for everyday use.

A pan is suitable for cooking all kinds of meat, and it can heat food well.

Frying baskets are made of easily removed material without oil.
It was designed to protect safety.
The lower part is made of anti-slip, stable and safe steps used.
Power up to 1300w can be 20% 30% faster than usual.

Model: Oa2.
Voltage: 220v.
Frequency: 50 hz
Power: 1300w
Clean product weight: 4.2 kg
Product size: 336×336 x 357mm

Additional Information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions33 × 33 × 35 cm




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