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Petkit Intelligent Pet Water Dispenser



Prevent Dry Burning
Anti-Bite Braided Wire
Food Grade ABS
Original 1 Year Malaysia Warranty
What’s in the box
1x Smart Pet Drinking Water Drinker,
1x Filter,
1x Filter Foam,
1x Filter Tray

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Product Info

Petkit Intelligent Pet Water Dispenser | Prevent Dry Burning | Anti-Bite Braided Wire | Food Grade ABS

Product Detail


1.Dual working mode to suit your pet 2.Peace and quiet and an auto-stop function 3.A constant stream with constant freshness 4.Cleaner, healthier water for tiny tummies 5.Easy to use, easy to clean

Operation guide:

First use: 1. Take out the water storage tray and filter element tray 2. Fully immerse the new filter element in water for 10 minutes and wash it. It is recommended to repeat twice. 3. Put the filter element unit into the filter element tray 4. Take out the power adapter and insert it into the round hole socket at the bottom of the host 5. Short press the front button of the host to start the machine 6. Press the key briefly to switch the working mode in the power on state

Filter  replacement instructions

1. It is recommended to replace the filter element once a month to achieve good filtering effect. Replace filter element once every 3 months in intelligent mode) 2. Soak the new filter element in clean water for 10 minutes (to activate the ion exchange resin) before use. 3. After replacing the filter element, press and hold the reset key at the bottom of the machine body for 5 seconds until the orange light goes out.


1.Size 180 * 180 * 155MM
4. Material: outer wall ABS (white polishing) ; inner barrel food grade ABS (frosting)

What’s in the box
-1x Smart Pet Drinking Water Drinker, 1x Filter, 1x Filter Foam, 1x Filter Tray




Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 15 cm

Dispenser, Warmer

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