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PMA Pancoat Graphene Heating Neck Strap + Eye Mask



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Product Info

3Months Warranty For This Discount Item

Graphene Far Infrared Technology To relieve tiredness of eyes

The eye mask has a built in graphene heating module. After electricity, it can release the 6~14μm far infrared lift light wave suitable for the human body to help reduce the fatigue of the eyes and protect the skin around the eyes.

The unique high thermal conductivity of graphene is that the eye mask can be heated rapidly within 1~2 seconds after electrifying the mask. The honeycomb structure makes the heating better and softer.

Flexible buckle

>easy to wear

>relaxed and comfortable

>no pressure wearing

Soft bandage

>no-stick hair

>width 2.5cm

>no foreign body feeling

  • Size23*10.5CM
  • Storage Bag Size13*16CM
  • Output Voltage 5V(Human safety voltage≤36V)
  • Safe to use Temperature setting
    High range(45~50℃)
    Middle range(42~45℃)
    Low range(37~42℃)
  • Color
  • Working area Eyes and around eyes
  • Feature 15minutes Automatic power off protection of the eyes



Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm

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