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Qualitell Smart Electric Mosquito Swatter



**This item have 2 unit display set

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Product Info

**This item have 2 unit display set(1 Month Warranty)

▪ Single-stage dual-use, ingeniously combines a mosquito killer and a mosquito lamp, supports manual mosquito killing, Wall-mounted smart mosquito killer, and combines attack and defense
▪ The upper and lower layers are protective mesh layers and no current flows to prevent the risk of accidental contact.
▪When the mosquito capture mode is turned on at night, it attracts mosquitoes and kills mosquitoes intelligently, saving effort and effort.
▪ Mosquitoes are sensitive to this lamp, safe and harmless to the human body.
▪Turn on the mosquito capture mode, the wall base automatically starts the electric mosquito switch, and the mosquitoes go out when you touch the network.
▪ Pure physical control of mosquitoes, efficient and convenient.
▪ There are 3 transmission modes, shutdown, standby mode and mosquito mode.
Built-in 1200mAh battery, powerful battery life.
▪Multi-functional charging base, charging and storage are correct.



Additional Information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions25 × 8 × 50 cm

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