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Rusan Baby Food Processor



Original Malaysia 1 Month Warranty

Product Info

Product Detail of RUSAN Baby Food Processor | 450W | Multi-Functional | Healthy Materials [ Aihome ]

**3 Month Warranty For This Discount Item **

– Fresher And Healthier

Studies have found that steaming preserves food nutrition more than frying and boiling. Innovative research and development of independent small water tank heating system patent, steam come out in about 45 seconds, reduce the degree of oxidation of food in the process of boiling water in the common food supplement machine, reduce the loss of beneficial components of easily oxidized food, to ensure the deliciousness and nutrition of baby food to a greater extent.

– Timed Cooking And Precisely Control

The fruit is about 15 minutes, the vegetables are about 15 minutes, and the fish meat is about 25 minutes. After setting, you can do other things and wait for the sound that prompt you the cooking is completed. No need to worry about forgetting to cause overcooking, destroying deliciousness and nutrition.

– Healthy Materials
Made of stainless steel. Carefully design the curvature and slope of the blade, and layered cutting, so that all ingredients can be fully and evenly ground.

– Independent Extraction Tank With Water Cleaning Is More Convenient

The drinking water type heating method does not pass through the water tank to heat the water tank, and the water tank is free from scale, which is easier to clean. The water tank can be safely cooked for 30 minutes.

– Triple Protection
The micro-brain intelligent control automatically cuts off the power when the water tank is dried; automatically power off when the cover is opened or the cover is not tight; professional overpressure protection is turned on when internal heating causes excessive pressure. Triple safety protection to prevent potential safety hazards during the production process.

– Easy To Operate

Cut the food into 1 cubic centimeter, put it in the steaming basket – add the pure water corresponding to the heating time in the water tank – timed heating – pour the food into the mixing cup and turn the switch to the right (single stirring time does not exceed 30s)

Specification :

ModelCDF001-01/ CDF001-02
MaterialABS/ Food Grade PP / Tritan/ Stainless Steel
ColorBlue/ Pink
Size309 x 216 x 222mm
Heating Power450W
Stirring Power120W
Product CapacityWater Tank: 350ml

Steam Basket: 500g

Mixing Cup: 1000ml

Package Includes :

1 x Food Blending Machine

Additional Information

Weight2 kg




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