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Tiny Green Intelligent Ecological Smart Planter



– Intelligent ecological planter
– 2 option available
– one button to function
– Use antibacterial and anti-flammable materials
– ABS Food contact grade
– Anti-glare structure design
– Anti UV design
– Energy saving

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15 Hole
3 Hole
or 3 payments of RM99.67 with


Product Info

*This is a Display set , 15 Hole(1 Month Warranty)
*Kindly PM us to get a product photo to check the condition

LED and self-watering indoor herb gardens

If plants seem to shrivel up at the mere sight of you, a clever self-tending smart garden is a great option. These nifty numbers come with their own built-in grow lights to provide exactly the right amount your herbs need whether they’re next to a window or not. This often encourages optimum photosynthesis, meaning a rapid growth and an abundant harvest.

Many also come with self-regulating irrigation systems that filter the water through to the herbs over time and tell you when your plants need a refill. Some hydroponic products (plants grown with water and no soil) can be left up to three weeks, so you can book that holiday, grow and go.

Traditional indoor herb gardens

If you don’t want to splash out on a smart garden, there’s also some brilliant back-to-basics options. A number of herb garden kits will provide the planters, a choice of seeds, and instructions on where to place them and how to grow them effectively. Many also have easy-to-use watering systems making it simple to avoid those too much or too little moments.

Growing your own herbs is also a healthy option, as you can choose organic seeds and follow an all-natural process free from pesticides or hormones.

We’ve rounded up the best indoor herb gardens for your kitchen below so flavoursome food is always at your fingertips. Ready, set, grow…



Additional Information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 45 cm


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