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Virus Shut Out Landyard





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● This product, please use so as not to directly touch the skin or underwear. Please be used in the most outside in the case of clothing.
● body, the chlorine dioxide generating agent, please do not disassemble or opened.
● people of infants and dementia, places exposed to there is no place or in direct sunlight that pet touches, please save to avoid the hot and humid place.
● You may feel the odor properties of this product. Please do not use if you feel the accident of the body.
● If you have a chlorine allergy, please refrain from using it.
Please note that in the case of clothing color patterned so have some of the bleaching action ●.
● Because this product is that there is a possibility of corrosion of the metal, please do not place near, such as precious metals and precision machinery.
● Please pay attention to the burns.
Please pay attention to the neck strap is not entangled in the neck ●.
● Please do not use at bedtime.
● The use situation is different from the effect of the component. Can not be exhibited sufficiently effective in the outdoors or air flow is strong location of the wind.
Should ●, if the eyes, please rinse immediately with plenty of water.
● close to the fire, rain and sweat, water wet, etc., please do not use in a watery place.

**No Warranty For This Discount Item**


Toamit Virus Shut Out 【 Highlights 】

●Lanyard-type virus shield

●Protects for approximately 30 days

●Less obtrusive than a face mask

●Anti-viral, anti-bacterial formulation

【 Product Features 】

Tomato Virus Shut Out is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial personal protection device. This lanyard releases a low concentration of airborne chlorine dioxide to eliminate germs and viruses in the surrounding air. Just wearing this item around your neck creates a barrier against germs and viruses. Less visible and obtrusive than a face mask, the Toamit Virus Shut Out is a good option for workplaces, public transport, and any other crowded space where airborne germs and viruses are a risk. Toamit Virus Shut Out is made in Japan, so you can rest assured in its safety and quality. Each piece will last approximately 30 days after opening. This device targets airborne germs. It does not replace basic hygiene measures as recommended by the World Health Organization, such as careful and frequent hand washing, practicing respiratory hygiene, and avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth. If you experience fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, see a doctor immediately.

【 How To Use 】

Take Virus Shut Out from its package and use the included lanyard to hang around the neck. The product will react with the air and begin to work as soon as it is removed from the aluminum outer pack, so be sure not to open or puncture this pack until you are ready to use it. 【 Active Ingredients 】 Chlorine dioxide generating agent (Sodium chlorite, natural zeolite)



Additional Information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 5 × 1 cm

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