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ZHAJIA Hand Held Steam Brush Iron


Secondary Heating Panel

Intelligence Steam Heating

Light and Portable

Original Malaysia 1 Year Warranty

  • 1x ZHAJIA Hand Held Steam Brush GT-301W
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Product Info

Product details of ZHAJIA Hand Held Steam Brush Iron GT-301W – Secondary Heating Panel | Intelligence Steam Heating | Light and Portable [ Aihome ]

  • * Hanging hot and ironing two in one. * Intelligent steam heating SteamPlus, fast heating, no damage to clothing. * Long-lasting stable steam injection, Direct Jet, steam does not accelerate, can be ironed for 7-8 minutes at a time. * No complicated mode, suitable for various fabrics, easy to operate. * Unique secondary heating and recharging technology, with an aluminum alloy nozzle, ceramic glaze and powder with negatively charged ions panel. * Dry steam, will not wet clothes, large ironing range, strong ability to remove wrinkles. * Small and portable, light weight, small size, you can put it in the trunk. * One-button control, a little sound when a button is pressed, and steam is quickly controlled when the hand leaves the button. * Triple line of protection, intelligent temperature control, fuse and anti-dry function. * Arc panel, reminder light, rotating button of the water tank, brush accessories, hanging Long power cord. This product has a voltage of 220 V, it does not support the United States / Canada / Japan.

Secondary heating panel. Intelligent steam. Lightweight and portable. Wear it immediately after ironing.

Easy life, be decent and elegant will always be with you

Ironing all folds is a happy opportunity. It looks beautiful and practical, clean and simple. Suitable for home, travel, business.

Small and portable to satisfy the light of life. Elegant and decent outlet.

Hanging ironing, flat ironing combined in one

It can be worn immediately after ironing by changing the texture of the clothes.

The design is very thorough and neat, hanging ironing, flat ironing combined in one, do not hesitate to move.

Exquisite ironing, removal of creases for clothes, the power is very uniform.

Multidimensionally restores the texture of clothes,

Making clothes as beautiful as when they were just received.

SteamPlus Intelligent Steam Heating, Fast Heating

1200 watts of strong steam, instantly generating steam. Gentle and hot, provides the best protection for every place in clothes. Using smart SteamPlus technology, intelligent steam heating, instantly generates steam without damaging clothing. Quickly remove the wrinkles of your clothes. Tookfun

Continuous steam formation, direct jets, effective penetration of clothing fibers

22 g high temperature, high vapor pressure per second can be a continuous stream for long-term stability,

And you can iron for 7-8 minutes at a time.

Steam with a jet in a straight line, steam does not disperse, and the range of the jet is more concentrated.

Close to the metal panel, the temperature is 132 degrees Celsius, effectively penetrates clothing.

There is no difficult mode, it is applied to various fabrics, makes clothes dull to shiny

Good fabrics will also have creases, and ironing is not a problem.

Five holes spray steam, which penetrates more. A variety of fabrics can be ironed easily.

Layer after layer of penetration until the clothes become smooth and smooth.

Secondary heating, strong steam to remove wrinkles for smooth ironing

ZJ hand-held ironing machine has a liquid nozzle made of aluminum alloy and ceramic glaze anionic powder panel,

Achieve special secondary heating technology. When steam reaches the nozzle of the ironer through the channel,

Ironing board provides second heating and pressure,

The steam is sprayed again, the steam is very saturated, the fibers of the clothing penetrate.

Achieve the effect of ironing and shaping.



Additional Information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 25 cm

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