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Zhenmi Desalted Steamer Health Mini Rice Cooker Pot X2



Electric Pressure

Rice Soup Separation Technology

Steam Sterilization

Original 6 Month Malaysia Warranty

  • 1x Rice cooker
    1x sugar filter
    1x liner
    1x standing rice spoon
    1x  soup spoon
    1x  power cord
    1x  measuring cup
    1x  instruction manual
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X2 Model
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Product Info

Product details of Zhenmi Desalted Steamer Health Mini Rice Cooker Pot X2 – Electric Pressure | Rice Soup Separation Technology | Steam Sterilization [ Aihome ]


*One-click cooking:

Three meals a day, one-click. Rice porridge, seafood porridge, steamed vegetables, soup, stew can be easily done in one pot.

*Unique steam washing function:

102℃ steam high temperature sterilization, easy sterilization of baby bottles and daily tableware.

*Patented rice soup separation technology:

After the starch is fully dissolved, it is separated into the rice soup box. The de-sugar effect is increased by 33% compared with ordinary de-sugar products, and the rice is fragrant and not sweet.

*Non-stick coated sugar retort:

The retort is integrally formed by die-casting, the bottom surface is cut, and 919 round ultra-thin steam holes are designed to ensure that the steam fully penetrates each grain of rice.

*22 minutes quick steamed rice:

Ordinary de-sweetened rice cooker is limited by the technology that takes 40 minutes; Zhenmi de-sweetened rice cooker innovative technology, steaming rice only takes 22 minutes, nearly double the speed.


Product modelX2
Rated capacity3L
Rated power901W
Rated voltage220V
Rated frequency50Hz
Product net weight5.2kg
Packing specification375×295×325mm
PlugCN-three (Wewillsendyouanadapterwhichaccordingtoyourcountry)

Package included:

1 * Rice cooker

1 * Sugar retort

1 * Liner

1 * Can stand rice spoon

1 * Spoon

1 * power cable

1 * Rice measuring cup

1 * Manual



Additional Information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 50 cm

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