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Tovee T6 Intelligent Rotation Webcam



Auto Tracking

Smart Lens

Adjustable Angle

Original 1 Year Malaysia Warranty

Product Info

Product Details of  Tovee T6 Intelligent Rotation Webcam | [ Aihome ] – 1080p | Auto Tracking | Smart Lens | Adjustable Angle [ Aihome ]

Product Name: T6 AI Smart Tracking Webcam
Identification method: AI composition, human shape recognition
Tracking angle: 135°
Tracking distance: 0.5m-5m
Tracking speed: Maximum tracking speed ≧ 4 m / s (distance 5 m), distance 1 m tracking speed ≦ 2 m / s
Tracking rotation angle: 315°
Tracking Method: Full body, half body can effectively capture the character dynamic tracking
Power supply: 5V1A Plug and Play
Resolution: 1920*1080P
Focal length: 0.6m
Pixel: 200W
Frame Rate: 30 frames per second
Microphone: Built-in noise-cancelling microphone
Motor: Stepper motor
Rotational Speed: Approx. 42° / sec
Charging port: Type-C Port
Weight: Mainframe: about 167g



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