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Circle Joy 5 in 1 Wine Opener Gift Set


Stainless Steel Wine Stopper.

Aerator for Instant Oxygen Saturation.

Premium Finishing & Design.

Original 1 Year Malaysia Warranty.

Product Info

Circle Joy 5 in 1 Wine Opener Gift Set


Product Highlights:
Circle Joy Black Samurai 5 in 1 cj-tz08 is a wine set that will make unscrewing wine plugs simple and comfortable. The powerful motor of the complete electric corkscrew opens the bottle in 6 seconds, doing this neatly and preventing the puffing and getting crumbs into the bottle. Also in the set, there is a stainless steel wine stopper and aerator for rapid saturation of the drink with oxygen.

In the circle joy Black Samurai 5 in 1 set, a special knife is attached to remove the protective foil on the neck of the bottle. It is enough to put the knife on top and make a circular movement. The complete aerator will allow you to spill the wine without splashing while filling it with small bubbles of oxygen.

Maximum pleasure
The powerful motor of the electric corkscrew from the circle joy Black Samurai 5 in 1 has a high speed of operation, being very quiet, it is great for working with wine. All you need to do is put a bottle of wine vertically, attach a corkscrew to the neck and press a little-the bottle will be effectively open. Pressing the hidden Cork reset button includes a reverse, thanks to which the corkscrew system is released from the cork.

Premium design
Auto corkscrew
Fast opening
Stainless steel wine stopper
Aerator for instant oxygen saturation
Universal size

Additional Information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions65 × 25 × 25 cm
Circle Joy

Gift Set


Circle Joy


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