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Xiaomi Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner (Wireless)

The Xiaomi Anti Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner is a Wireless vacuum cleaner designed to effectively remove dust mites and allergens from your home. Its key features include a powerful suction system, UV-C light sterilization, and a HEPA filter. The vacuum cleaner offers benefits such as improved indoor air quality, reduced allergies, and easy maintenance. Its unique selling points are its specialized anti-dust mite technology and the ability to eliminate up to 99.97% of dust mites and allergens.


Warranty: 1 Year

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Introducing the Xiaomi Anti Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner – Wireless, a revolutionary cleaning device designed to tackle one of the most pervasive and irritating household problems – dust mites! This innovative vacuum cleaner is meticulously crafted by Xiaomi, a renowned brand in the world of electronics, ensuring top-notch performance and cutting-edge technology.

Dust mites, invisible to the naked eye, are microscopic pests that thrive in the fibers of our mattresses, pillows, and upholstery. They can cause a range of health issues, including allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems. Ordinary vacuum cleaners are unable to effectively eliminate these pesky creatures, but fear not! The Xiaomi Anti Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner is here to save the day.

Equipped with a powerful and reliable Wireless connection, this vacuum cleaner effortlessly removes dust mites, allergens, and dirt from your living space. Its state-of-the-art suction technology ensures thorough cleaning, reaching even the deepest layers of your bedding and furniture. With a robust motor and high-performance filtration system, it efficiently traps and eliminates up to 99.97% of microscopic particles, leaving your home cleaner and healthier than ever before.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Xiaomi Anti Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner features a lightweight and compact design, making it easy to maneuver around your home. Whether you need to clean your mattress, sofa, curtains, or any other nooks and crannies, this versatile device is up to the task. Its ergonomic handle and adjustable suction power allow for a comfortable and customized cleaning experience.

The Xiaomi Anti Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner is not only efficient but also incredibly smart. It comes with a variety of intelligent features, including an LED screen that displays real-time information such as battery life, cleaning modes, and filter status. With its intuitive touch controls, you can easily switch between different cleaning modes, adjust the suction power, and monitor the progress of your cleaning session.

Worried about running out of battery during your cleaning session? Fret not! This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a reliable and long-lasting power source, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Its large-capacity dustbin reduces the frequency of emptying and is easy to clean, further enhancing your overall cleaning experience.

Furthermore, the Xiaomi Anti Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner is built to last. Made from high-quality materials, it boasts durability and longevity. This investment will not only provide you with consistent and efficient cleaning but also save you money in the long run.

Say goodbye to dust mites and hello to a cleaner, healthier home with the Xiaomi Anti Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner – Wireless. Trust in Xiaomi’s commitment to excellence and innovation, and experience a new level of cleanliness like never before.


Brand: Xiaomi
Model: Wireless (MJCMY01DY) / Wireless (WXCMY01ZM)
Color: White
Frequency: 10000 beats/min
Rotating Speed: 2300rpm
Suction: 12000Pa
Rated Input of Charging Stand: 220V~50Hz(CN plug)
Rated Power: 350W
Wire length : 4 meter




Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm



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