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Product details of ZHENMI Folding Electric Steamer Steam Box Z1 – Sterilization | Visible | Free Combination | Safety Protection | Special Technology | Foldable [ Aihome ]

  • It only takes 10 seconds to let the steam out of the foldable machine.
  • Set the timer to work for 60 minutes. High temperature sterilization
  • Add water as needed Set the time you want.
  • Capacity up to 10L
  • Security protection system
  • Steaming time The XIAOMI ZHENMI Steamer only takes half the time of the normal steamer.
  • Visible water tank, 1.7L water capacity during steaming, can add water Do not be afraid of running water, the pot is dry
  • Steamer box with three layers 1 layer for single use Two layers can be steamed at the same time. Three floors for the whole kitchen The maximum capacity of 10.8L
  • Visible steaming box No need to open and close the lid all the time.

Greasy foods are both boring and unhealthy. And if you are looking to improve the menu of your family meal with steamed dishes, the ZHENMI Z1 multi-function electric steamer will be a more perfect suggestion for you.

Advantages of the ZHENMI Z1 multifunctional 3-stage electric autoclave
ZHENMI Z1 is a multi-purpose home appliance , with a 3-storey design with a capacity of more than 10L, helping to steam more food at the same time, saving more time. Besides, with the technology of rapid heating, it helps to cook food evenly while retaining nutrients. ZHENMI electric steamer is machined from high quality materials with flexible disassembly, making cleaning easier.

3-storey design, large capacity
ZHENMI Z1 electric steamer ownsa unique 3-storey design, optimizing the space for cooking. Up to 10.8L capacity to steam all food in a short time, from vegetables to seafood, saving more time, suitable for large families or partying with friends. In addition, the electric steamer can be folded, making it easy to store and take up less space.
The water tank of the multi-function electric steamer has a capacity of up to 1.7L , meeting the need of continuous cooking for 1 hour. Removable water tank design makes cleaning and cleaning the machine after cooking simpler. In addition users can add water even during cooking.

Modern heating system
The manufacturer has equipped the Z1 3-stage electric steamer with modern heating technology. Specifically, the steam heating system follows the drip method, which saves water and avoids adding water frequently. In addition, the steam is heated quickly in just 10 seconds , the ability to heat 360 ° helps to cook the food more evenly while retaining the nutrients. In addition, the high temperature steam can be used to disinfect dishes, spoons, chopsticks, … even baby bottles and nipples.

High quality materials, simple to use
ZHENMI multifunctional electric steamer is machined from high quality materials. Specifically, the autoclave and lid are made of high transparency PP material , making it easy to observe the food inside. The middle compartment is made of PPO material and designed with small holes for the steam to evaporate to cook food more evenly, this material is also completely safe for the health of users. And at the bottom is a grade of 304 stainless steel that is resistant to high temperatures without deformation.

ZHENMI Z1 3-stage autoclave is equipped with an easy-to-use adjustment knob . Users can flexibly customize the time spent with each different food. For example, it takes 5 minutes to sterilize utensils, boil dumplings 5 ​​minutes, steamed buns 8 minutes, eggs 10 minutes, vegetables 10 minutes, fresh fish 15 minutes, eggplants 20 minutes, pumpkin 20 minutes, beans Holland 25 minutes and chick 25 minutes

What in the box

  • 1x ZHENMI Folding Electric Steamer Steam Box Z1
    1x Manual (china)


Autoclave capacity10.8L
Water tank capacity1.7L
Rated voltage220V⁓
Rated frequency50Hz
Product weight5.3kg
Working effort1500W

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 32 × 25 × 50 cm






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