Microhoo Showman Lite Portable Personal Air Cooler


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* 1000 ml large water tank, type-C interface
* Quick cooling, stylish and beautiful.
* 99 kinds of wind speed infinitely variable speed
* Environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption
* Two ways to add water.
* Touch screen adjustment
Microhoo personal air conditioning mini fan
Cooling and humidification fan
Powerful cooling, smooth speed control, energy saving and noise reduction1
1000 ml large water tank
Type-C interface
Multi-Power Methods
This is a new way of cooling.
Summer is hot weather, and prolonged use of air conditioners can lead to dry skin and loss of electricity.
With a mini air conditioner, all these problems will be solved. Tookfun
Turn on, the temperature drops, the skin is hydrated, and overall happiness improves.
Quick cooling, stylish and beautiful.
Quick cooling, blowing cold winds, adding ice cubes can minimize temperature in a short time.
Simple, stylish and beautiful design.
Stepless speed regulation.
99 kinds of wind speed smooth speed control,
With unique natural wind, convenient speed adjustment.
The wind. The dream of the wind. Sync.5
Environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption
The maximum power is 6 watts, it is used for 6 hours a day, and it is used for 28 days in one kilowatt.6
Large capacity water tank 1000 ml
Two ways to add water.
1000 ml large capacity water tank to avoid problems with the frequent addition of water.
The cooling ability is more durable. Dismantle the water tank, it is a more economical job to inject water.
It is more convenient to fill the water with a glass of water.
Disassemble the water tank and fill it directly.
It is more convenient to add water with a cup
Refreshment of refrigeration units.
Place the water tank in the refrigerator to keep it cooler. Tookfun
Very large water inlet, open the lid and immediately put ice cubes, the cooling effect doubles.
Touch screen adjustment
Several functions can be converted as desired.
Three functions of natural wind, timer and sleep mode can be switched as desired.
Turn on sleep at night, automatically adjust the wind speed and work with low noise.
The wind.
Sleep mode
Type-C interface
Several ways of power supply.
Unique type-C interface, stable power supply, support most Android mobile phone data cables. Tookfun
There are also many power methods, such as sockets, computers and power banks,
Which can be used anytime, anywhere.
Product Details.
Fixed buckle water tank. The water tank is fixed and water will not leak.
Completely closed. Wind direction is free, more dustproof.
Visualization window. The touch screen can adjust wind speed and natural wind,
Sleeping wind and synchronization function can be adjusted arbitrarily.
Thick wet curtain, cool and environmentally friendly, odorless.
Unique honeycomb corrugated wood pulp paper wet curtain.
Without smell. The service life is longer and the cooling effect is more noticeable.
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm




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