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Smartmi Air Purifier P1




Smart LED Screen
High Efficient Purification
Light Weight But Powerful
Original 1 Year Malaysia Warranty

Product Info

Smartmi Air Purifier P1 – Smart LED Screen | High Efficient Purification | Light Weight But Powerful

Product Details :

Product model ZMKQJHQP11 / ZMKQJHQP12
Rated voltage 100-240V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated power 30W
Working principle filter
Display OLED Touch Display
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Sensor Particle sensor + pollen sensor
Controls Touch + APP
Fan Speed Control Multiple Speed
Placement mode vertical
Max Applicable Area 17.5-30㎡
APP or Wifi Wifi + MIJIA app + Tuya app + Amazon alexa + Apple homekit +Google home
• Captures 99.97% of particles ≥ 0.3 μm, including pollen, pet dander, dust mites, smoke, bacteria, and viruses.
• Elegant design and carefully selected material for optimal comfort.
• Can acess to MIJIA,TUYA, Apple homkit, Amazon alexa and Google home.
Filter Prefilter+H13
Fliter Class HEPA 13
PM CADR 250m³/h
Pollen CADR 150m³/h
Formaldehyde CADR /
Methylbenzene CADR /
Removal Rate of Klebsiella Pneumoniae 99.50%
Removal Rate of H1N1 99.50%
Noise 19-49dB
CCM P4F3(无第三方测试)
Packaging information
Product size 220*220*362.5 (mm)
Net weight 3.05kg
Outer package size 275*283*438 (mm)
Packaging weight 4.5kg
Power line length 1.5m

P1 Air Purifier (Benefits):
• Looks – Very lifestyle & futuristic
• High-Efficient Purification – HEPA Filter Removes 99.98%.
• Cover Area 320sq.ft. (20min) / 100sq.ft (6.5min)
• Light Weight but Powerful – 3.05KG only, Freshening your house in just a few minutes
• Smart Control – Voice activated anytime, anywhere

  • Purification and humidification combo: P1 is not only an air purifier, but also a humidifier;
  • Cold steam humidification + powerful purification: using the power of the purifier, cold evaporation and humidification module; high efficiency, energy saving, and space saving
  • The purification and humidification module can be separated: the air purification module and the humidifier module can be used in combination or alone;
  • APP linkage: WIFI intelligent connection, real-time control of the air quality at home;
  • The touch screen is simple and easy to operate: the interface is simple and easy to operate
  •  Washable antibacterial filter (humidification module): The foldable filter improves humidification efficiency while filtering impurities, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water to enjoy forest-like moisture and health;
  •  Integrated air filter: easily intercept 99.85% of harmful gases, block germs, pathogens, dust, second-hand smoke, peculiar smell, formaldehyde, etc., allowing you to bathe in fresh air;
  •  Easy water injection design: water can be injected directly on the top surface, which is convenient for adding water at any time, reducing the trouble of adding water;  Micro-sound purification and humidification: The humidification module has its own noise reduction effect, which can effectively purify and humidify and help you dream every day;
  •  Maternal and child-grade products: natural evaporation will not accumulate white powder, babies and mothers can also enjoy natural moisturizing;
  •  Fog-free humidification: the latest nano-cloud cold evaporation technology, enjoy the forest-like comfortable nature;
  •  Annular air intake: 360° large-circulation indoor air purification and humidification speed is fully improved;
  •  Authoritative testing and certification: The good air certified by the authoritative testing agency is guaranteed, allowing you to enjoy a good time at ease.



Additional Information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 45 cm

Dark Gray, Silver

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