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Xiaomi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 1C



Product Details:

Charging time: 3-4 hours

Rated power: 400 W

Rated voltage: 25.2 V

Suction power: 120AW

Empty: 20kPa

Material: ABS

Weight & Dimensions product weight: 3.3 kg

Product Size: 120.8 * 25.6 * 20.4 cm

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Product Info



Great suction, long battery life


Mijia 1C vacuum cleaner with high speed brushless motor 10 W rev / min, suction power up to 120AW with a strong suction of 20KPa, effectively absorbs all kinds of dust on the ground.


Air cooling technology of the drive system
No loss of suction, more stable cleaning performance
The special design of the air guide channel guides the strong wind pressure to the feed unit in an instant, dispersing the working heat of the basic components, and keeps the power and suction constant long-lasting and stable.


The system of separation of cyclones multi-cones
Make the long suction last longer


Fine filtration system 5 times

Evacuation of clean, clean air from start to finish
The whole machine adopts a fine filtration system of 5 times, which can accurately intercept particles as small as 0.3um *, and the purification efficiency is up to 99.97%, avoiding secondary pollution.


The Mijia 1C vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful power system that can continuously provide 60 minutes of uptime and easily respond to larger units.


Smooth, large diameter suction brush protects the floor and removes dirt and dust


Built-in independent motor, driving super-fiber to run at high speed, while cleaning the floor, it can easily remove soil dirt and greatly improve cleaning efficiency.


Built-in built-in integrated wall load support, convenient and more convenient

The vacuum cleaner has a built-in wall load pylon. Two-in-one loading and storage can make a reasonable and efficient use of space. With suction, it can be used with the load. It only requires 3.5 h * for a single charge.


Comfortable design, clean and not tiring, shortened torque, easy to use with one hand

The main unit places the motor and battery behind the handle, and the torque is shortened. Even if it is raised, it can easily maintain the balance of gravity and comfortably clean up the place.




Additional Information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions121 × 26 × 21 cm

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